NC3Rs at Pint of Science: Alternatives to Research Requiring Rodents

  • NC3Rs
Wednesday 17 May 2017
Sheffield, UK

The annual Pint of Science festival is an event where scientists discuss their research over a proverbial pint. This year, we are sponsoring events in Glasgow, London, Oxford and Sheffield, where you can meet some of the researchers we work with and hear them speak about their 3Rs-related research.

Dr Enrico Dall'Ara from the University of Sheffield will present his work on ‘Virtual physiological mice’ for studying bone-related diseases. He will explain how the use of computational models can help improve the design and assessment of new treatments and to reduce and partially replace the use of animals in musculoskeletal research.

Professor Stephen Renshaw, also from The University of Sheffield, will speak about the possibilities of using simple organisms such as the fruit fly or zebrafish as non-mammalian research models. The audience will hear more about his research aiming to reduce the number of mice used in asthma by developing a model of cell-cell interaction in zebrafish larvae.

Tickets and details: Alternatives to Research Requiring Rodents