NC3Rs at Pint of Science: Brains and Behaviour

  • NC3Rs
Monday 15 May 2017
Oxford, UK

The annual Pint of Science festival is an event where scientists discuss their research over a proverbial pint. This year, we are sponsoring events in Glasgow, London, Oxford and Sheffield, where you can meet some of the researchers we work with and hear them speak about their 3Rs-related research.

The audience in Oxford will hear Dr Sara Wells from MRC Harwell speak about Rodent Little Brother, a sophisticated system developed through our CRACK IT programme that can automatically monitor laboratory mice 24/7 in their familiar home cages. The system offers animal welfare as well as scientific benefits: it measures the animals’ activity remotely and collects more information than traditional tests, offering a chance to see very subtle changes in behaviour, movement and social interactions.

Dr Oliver Britton will speak of his interest in how the brain and heart communicate by electricity, and how he currently studies this in the context of pain. Oliver was awarded the 3Rs Prize in 2014 for using computational modelling and simulation to understand the electrophysiology of the heart without using animals.

Tickets and details: Brains and Behaviour