NC3Rs at Pint of Science: The building blocks of the brain

  • NC3Rs
Monday 15 May 2017 19:00
Glasgow, UK

The annual Pint of Science festival is an event where scientists discuss their research over a proverbial pint. This year, we are sponsoring events in Glasgow, London, Oxford and Sheffield, where you can meet some of the researchers we work with and hear them speak about their 3Rs-related research.

At the Glasgow event, Professor Sue Barnett from the University of Glasgow will show how much we can learn about the brain from cell culture models. She will highlight an in vitro model of spinal cord injury which she developed, and which has the potential to reduce animal use in some studies.

Also from the University of Glasgow, Dr Mathis Riehle will talk about his research on nerve repair without using animals, instead employing tissue engineering and the use of biomaterials to explore his research questions.

Graham Robertson, from the team of Dr Michele Zagnoni, University of Strathclyde, will present ‘simple’ yet technologically advanced models of brain disorders. He will describe how using microfluidic ‘organ-on-a-chip’ systems for neuronal cell culture helps improve the understanding of brain diseases.

Tickets and details: The building blocks of the brain.