NC3Rs at Pint of Science: Happy animals, good science

  • NC3Rs
Monday 15 May 2017 19:00
London, UK

The annual Pint of Science festival is an event where scientists discuss their research over a proverbial pint. This year, we are sponsoring events in Glasgow, London, Oxford and Sheffield, where you can meet some of the researchers we work with and hear them speak about their 3Rs-related research.

Attendees in London will hear about the NC3Rs-funded work of Dr Jane Sosabowski from Queen Mary University of London on non-invasive monitoring of tumours in mouse models of cancer. She will explain how non-invasive imaging techniques such as MRI offer a chance to get detailed information about the tumour from the same animal, reducing the number of animals used.

NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow, Dr Alessio Vagnoni from the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, will follow up with another aspect of imaging. He will speak about using the ‘humble’ fruit fly to observe movements of proteins and organelles in ageing neurons in its transparent wings.

Tickets and details: Happy animals, good science