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Staff Blog
Wednesday 17 August 2016
New initiative to review the use of the second species in regulatory studies.
Staff Blog
Monday 08 August 2016
An overview of an NC3Rs sponsored workshop focusing on measuring animal emotions.
Staff Blog
Wednesday 03 August 2016
A study describes organoids of colorectal cancer derived from the patients’ own tissue.
Staff Blog
Tuesday 05 July 2016
In May 2015, we launched a major new resource – The Macaque Website – which complements our earlier website on Common Marmoset Care. The aim of the macaque site is to share information on macaque behaviour, care and use to improve the welfare of these animals in laboratories worldwide. Some 25 organisations...
Staff Blog
Wednesday 29 June 2016
Funding research has been an essential part of our strategy and over the last five years we have committed around £28 million for grants to develop and characterise new 3Rs approaches and technologies. We have also recognised the importance of complementing this with support for 3Rs infrastructure, including...
Staff Blog
Tuesday 07 June 2016
Recently our grant holders spoke in pubs as part of the Pint of Science festival, which took place across the UK on 23-25 May. From London ('Of mice and men'), to Edinburgh ('Building a human being') and Southampton ('Model making: mimicking the body in the lab'), researchers with NC3Rs funding discussed their...
Staff Blog
Tuesday 03 May 2016
Today is World Asthma Day. To mark this important event our Chief Executive Dr Vicky Robinson is using her monthly blog to highlight some of the work that we have been leading over the last ten years in partnership with the UK’s asthma research community.  
Staff Blog
Tuesday 12 April 2016
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But what about scientists and new procedures?
Staff Blog
Wednesday 06 April 2016
We are launching a new series of monthly blog posts by our Chief Executive, Dr Vicky Robinson. In her first blog she focuses on the growing interest in the issues surrounding experimental design, arguably the most important aspect of any scientific study. The design, analysis and reporting of animal research...
Staff Blog
Tuesday 29 March 2016
A study published in Nature reported the creation of brain organoids that mimic the developing human cerebrum for the very first time. One of the authors, Dr Madeline Lancaster, who now works at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, has recently won the annual NC3Rs 3Rs Prize for this work.

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