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Guest Blog
Monday 03 April 2017
As part of the NC3Rs year of laboratory rodent welfare, our latest blog is from Professor Paul Flecknell, Newcastle University on the issue of aseptic surgery. Paul is a world renowned laboratory animal veterinarian who specialises in anaesthesia and analgesia.
Guest Blog
Tuesday 18 October 2016
... but were too afraid to ask We are currently looking for researchers to become Panel members in our Development and Impact, Grant, Studentship and Training Fellowship Assessment Panels, from January 2017. In this blog Professor Lucy Walker sheds more light on what it is like to be part of an NC3Rs Panel.
Guest Blog
Friday 02 September 2016
In July, the NC3Rs hosted 19 PhD students from institutions across the UK at our fourth annual Summer School. The residential event was held at the University of York and featured a two and a half day programme of workshops and presentations. The first year NC3Rs PhD students were joined by PhD students from...
Guest Blog
Wednesday 09 December 2015
Dr Daniel Adams (pictured below), University of California San Francisco, describes the latest resource from the NC3Rs aimed at refining neuroscience experiments using non-human primates – the Chronic Implants Wiki – and why a wiki format was chosen.
Guest Blog
Monday 16 November 2015
With the deadline for this year’s 3Rs Prize nominations approaching, we got in touch with 2014 winner, Dr Oliver Britton from University of Oxford, to discuss his experience of the process, winning and his year since. Dr Britton was the first PhD student to win the prize, for his work under the supervision of...
Guest Blog
Friday 16 October 2015
In 2014 the NC3Rs launched a programme of work to support the wide-scale development and application of pathways-based approaches, with the aim of improving the science of human and environmental safety assessment and ultimately reducing the reliance on animal toxicity testing.
Guest Blog
Tuesday 13 October 2015
Shared Ageing Research Models (ShARM) is a not for profit organisation for sharing resources on ageing mice models. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, ShARM is a partnership between MRC Harwell and the Universities of Sheffield and Newcastle. ShARM Community offers access to aged mice models to researchers in the UK...
Guest Blog
Tuesday 06 October 2015
Together with the Institute of Animal Technology (IAT), we recently held a symposium for animal technicians, an event bringing together technicians from various backgrounds and speakers from both academia and industry. This was our ninth Animal Technicians’ Symposium, an event that has always proved popular...
Guest Blog
Tuesday 02 June 2015
Dr Sally Robinson, Head of Laboratory Animal Science (UK) at AstraZeneca, describes how the company is incorporating and championing the 3Rs by recognising innovative developments and ensuring good practice is shared globally within their company. At AstraZeneca the Council for Science and Animal Welfare (C-...
Guest Blog
Wednesday 11 March 2015
A recent publication in Critical Reviews in Toxicology, co-authored by a number of companies, has highlighted the redundancy of the one-year dog study in assessing human health risks for the registration of pesticides. The paper uses data from Japan, where the study is still routinely required. Claire Terry,...

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