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Staff Blog
Thursday 05 January 2017
Focusing on the supply, sustainability and viability of human tissue for 3Rs purposes.
Staff Blog
Wednesday 21 December 2016
Our most popular news and blog items published over the past year.
Guest Blog
Tuesday 18 October 2016
... but were too afraid to ask We are currently looking for researchers to become Panel members in our Development and Impact, Grant, Studentship and Training Fellowship Assessment Panels, from January 2017. In this blog Professor Lucy Walker sheds more light on what it is like to be part of an NC3Rs Panel.
Staff Blog
Thursday 13 October 2016
An overview of our programme of work, and collaborations, with the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.
Guest Blog
Friday 02 September 2016
Our annual event for NC3Rs-funded PhD students.
Staff Blog
Wednesday 17 August 2016
New initiative to review the use of the second species in regulatory studies.
Staff Blog
Monday 08 August 2016
An overview of an NC3Rs sponsored workshop focusing on measuring animal emotions.
Staff Blog
Wednesday 03 August 2016
A study describes organoids of colorectal cancer derived from the patients’ own tissue.
Staff Blog
Tuesday 05 July 2016
In May 2015, we launched a major new resource – The Macaque Website – which complements our earlier website on Common Marmoset Care. The aim of the macaque site is to share information on macaque behaviour, care and use to improve the welfare of these animals in laboratories worldwide. Some 25 organisations...
Staff Blog
Wednesday 29 June 2016
Funding research has been an essential part of our strategy and over the last five years we have committed around £28 million for grants to develop and characterise new 3Rs approaches and technologies. We have also recognised the importance of complementing this with support for 3Rs infrastructure, including...

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