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Guest Blog
Wednesday 16 July 2014
A recently published study has questioned some aspects of the approach to chemical safety testing required in some countries and regions, suggesting an effective way to evaluate plant protection products whilst using fewer animals. 
Guest Blog
Wednesday 09 July 2014
How can charities go further to ensure that they are only using animals in research where absolutely necessary, and that the welfare of those animals and effective design of those studies is always of paramount importance? 
Staff Blog
Monday 07 July 2014
Last week we launched a review of our ten year collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry at an event at the House of Lords, part of our programme to mark ten years since the launch of the NC3Rs. 
Guest Blog
Tuesday 01 July 2014
The University of Aberdeen recently organised and hosted a large workshop to promote the 3Rs, which included a flagship presentation by the NC3Rs. The workshop included speakers and attendees from Aberdeen and from across the bioscience sector.
Guest Blog
Thursday 19 June 2014
The UnTangle Challenge from CRACK IT brings together great minds from the charity sector, industry and academia to help unravel the mysteries surrounding how the tau protein is linked with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 
Staff Blog
Wednesday 11 June 2014
Our second NC3Rs summer school, brought together our PhD students from across the country to learn more about the 3Rs, completing a PhD, and the work of their fellow students.
Guest Blog
Thursday 29 May 2014
Dr Nick Pullen, Renal Disease Area Leader in Pfizer, reflects on his work and the key role that industry and academic collaboration has played and why it continues to be needed in the application of 3Rs in research.
Staff Blog
Thursday 22 May 2014
This week we’ve been busy visiting York, Oxford and London to watch our researchers speaking at Pint of Science events.
Staff Blog
Tuesday 20 May 2014
Laura McGuinness, Communications Officer at the NC3Rs, takes a look at some of the many benefits of making 3Rs research free to access. 
Staff Blog
Wednesday 14 May 2014
Dr Mark Prescott, Head of Research Management and Policy, gives the NC3Rs position on openness in animal research.

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