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Guest Blog
Monday 18 November 2013
How do researchers accurately capture the impact of their science?  With the submission deadline for the Research Excellence Framework later this month, NC3Rs Deputy Board Chair, Professor Jamie Davies, discusses measuring the impact of 3Rs science beyond an annual count of animals used for research.
Staff Blog
Monday 11 November 2013
The ethics of animal research are not a black and white issue. Between the nothing goes and the anything goes there are at least 50 shades of grey.
Staff Blog
Thursday 07 November 2013
Today the NC3Rs announces its support for the Research Council’s Concordat on Engaging the Public with Research, which aims to create a greater focus on public engagement with research and help embed this across all disciplines in the higher education and research sectors. Dan Richards, Communications Manager...
Guest Blog
Wednesday 30 October 2013
The NC3Rs champions the importance of adequate and accurate reporting of studies involving animal models. It is only with sufficient reporting that scientists can fully understand the procedures performed in an experiment, and whether they have clear benefit.
Guest Blog
Tuesday 22 October 2013
Previously a laboratory animal veterinarian, NC3Rs David Sainsbury Fellow Dr Claire Richardson is now working to improve the welfare of mice used in chronic liver disease research. Dr Richardson talks about her research and how it allows her to collaborate with a variety of research groups at her local...
Staff Blog
Friday 27 September 2013
Research published this week could improve the welfare standards of millions of fish used by scientists around the world. The study, published in PLOS ONE, is one of the first to formally assess the welfare implications of anaesthetics on fish.  Fish are used for a very wide range of scientific purposes around...
Staff Blog
Thursday 12 September 2013
Searching for consensus on the most humane ways to kill laboratory animals. The inevitable fate for many animals used in scientific research is that they are killed humanely, but are researchers using the best possible methods? A recent meeting in Newcastle focused on the issue of laboratory animal euthanasia...
Guest Blog
Friday 06 September 2013
Dr Carl Westmoreland on his work associated with replacing animal use, and the key role of the NC3Rs. Dr Carl Westmoreland, newly appointed Chair of the NC3Rs Studentship Assessment Panel, reflects on his work associated with replacing animal use, and the key role the NC3Rs has to play in the application of...
Staff Blog
Thursday 08 August 2013
The 2013 CRACK IT Challenges have been announced, with up to £1m funding available for each. The latest CRACK IT Challenges have been announced and are designed to solve animal research problems across industry and academia. Dan Richards, NC3Rs, outlines each of the new Challenges.
Staff Blog
Wednesday 31 July 2013
Professor Ian Kimber OBE on the growing appreciation for 3Rs to address important scientific questions In a reflection on his past five years as Chairman of the NC3Rs Board, Professor Ian Kimber OBE points out that an appreciation for alternatives is growing – not just as one-for-one replacements for animals,...

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