10 years of CRACK IT: Webinar series

As part of our 10 years of CRACK IT celebrations, we are organising a series of webinars that will showcase different aspects of the programme, focusing on the 3Rs products that have been developed, how they can be applied and the scientific, business and animal welfare benefits they deliver. 

Discover more about the CRACK IT Challenges programme and how it has evolved over the last decade, as well as the key milestones and impacts, on our Innovation Platform website.

Showcasing the Human In Vitro Gene Therapy Genotoxicity Testing service.
Showcasing the IVF micro microfluidic device for non-surgical embryo transfer to generate transgenic mice.
Showcasing a physiological-competent and predictive human 3D retinal cell model.
Showcasing a human stem cell-based in vitro system to assess cardiotoxicity in new drugs.
Showcasing the NephroScreen human kidney-on-a-chip platform, which could replace in vivo nephrotoxicity studies in drug development.
Showcasing the Home Cage Analyser, which provides continuous monitoring of group-housed rodents.
Showcasing an in silico platform developed to model the host response to chronic infection by Leishmania parasites.
Showcasing a C. elegans platform to assess the developmental and reproductive toxicity (DART) potential of chemicals.
Showcasing TaiNi, a small and ultra lightweight wireless EEG recording device.