New Solution: PerfusionPal 3D testing platform for biopharmaceuticals

11 November 2015

Biopharmaceuticals have revolutionised the treatment of cancer, autoimmune, inflammatory and neurological disease but there are several unique and as yet unresolved challenges associated with the testing of these drugs. 

A new Solution from Lena Biosciences goes some way to solving this problem by providing a novel 3D perfused cell culture system. The platform, which combines a micro-organ scaffold, synthetic vasculature, high-density oxygen carrying liquid and a patent-pending perfusion method, is suitable for long-term in vitro testing of slow-clearing biologicals and antibody-drug-conjugates as well as small molecule drugs.

Safety and efficacy testing of biopharmaceuticals uses large numbers of non-human primates and the platform could be used to triage potential drug leads, ensuring only the most promising advance into animal studies.

Lena Biosciences is now seeking partners to assist with the validation, manufacture and commercialisation of their platform.

For more information or to contact the Solution provider please visit the CRACK IT Solutions website.