CRACK IT Solutions

For budget reasons we will not be running CRACK IT Solutions until further notice. Any new Solutions submitted at this time will not be disseminated through our partnering networks. If you would like to discuss your 3Rs technology and explore other ways in which we may be able to support its further development or adoption, please contact

A technology partnering hub to accelerate the commercial readiness of technologies with 3Rs potential.

CRACK IT Solutions provides a route for academics and SMEs to showcase their 3Rs technologies ("Solutions") to the wider scientific community to identify new partners and customers to use, develop and validate the technology. It provides a gateway for industry and others to horizon scan for new approaches that have strategic relevance and which impact on the use of animals.

Accessing the relevant expertise to support the development of new technologies can be challenging for academics and small companies, potentially restricting the scientific, commercial and 3Rs impacts of the technologies. CRACK IT Solutions exploits the NC3Rs’ global network of academics, SMEs and large companies to more efficiently access the expertise and resources needed to transform these technologies into industry ready products and services.