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NC3Rs: National Centre for the Replacement Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research

Dr Mark Prescott

Director of Policy and Outreach
Portrait of Dr Mark Prescott

Mark leads the Policy and Outreach Group, providing strategic oversight of our relationships with other research funders and the academic community (including our regional staff), peer review and advice service, and programmes on animal welfare and experimental design. He ensures that the NC3Rs has a long-term, coordinated, impact-driven and sustainable strategy for supporting changes in 3Rs policy and practice.

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PA: Joanne James

Other programmes of work

External roles

Previous external roles

  • Impact Assessor for Sub-Panel 4 (Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience) in the Research Excellence Framework 2021
  • Member of the quinquennial review panel, Charité3Rs
  • Member of the University of Birmingham Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body
  • Impact Assessor for Sub-Panel 5 (Biological Sciences) in the Research Excellence Framework 2014
  • Chair of the AAALAC/IQ Consortium Global 3Rs Awards Committee
  • Member of the AAALAC Committee to Review the Role of AAALAC International in Scientific Reproducibility for Research Involving Animals
  • Expert Evaluator for the European Commission's Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes
  • Member of the European Commission's SCHEER Working Group on Non-human Primates Testing
  • Member of the MRC/BBSRC/Wellcome Trust Bateson Review of Research Using Non-Human Primates
  • Member of the MRC Cross-Board Working Group on Animal Guidance
  • Member of the UKRI Funding Research Involving Animals Task and Finish Group
  • Member of the UKRI Research Ethics and Responsible Innovation Task and Finish Group
  • Council Member and Convenor of the Captive Care Working Party of the Primate Society of Great Britain
  • Member of the Animal Procedures Committee
  • Member of the Technical Expert Working Group advising the European Commission on revision of Directive 86/609/EEC (representing European Federation for Primatology)
  • Member of the Primate Expert Group advising the Council of Europe on Appendix A to Convention ETS 123
  • Observer to the Multilateral Consultation on revision of Appendix A to Convention ETS 123 (representing World Society for the Protection of Animals)


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For additional publications pre-NC3Rs on the behaviour and welfare of non-human primates (captivity and field), dogs and other species, see Mark's ResearchGate profile

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PhD, Psychology
The University of Stirling, 1995–1999
Social learning in mixed-species troops of Saguinus fuscicollis and Saguinus labiatus: tests of foraging benefit hypotheses in captivity.

BSc Hons, Zoology
The University of Edinburgh, 1991–1995