6th Meeting of LASA Large Animal Research Network (LARN)

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Tuesday 25 May 2021 14:00 to 16:15

The LASA Large Animal Research Network (LARN) invites you to their 6th annual meeting, but this year in 2021 it will be held online and LARN are hoping to attract an international audience! The programme contains a varied range of speakers bringing their own expertise from their places of work (SRUC, The Pirbright Institute, University of Chester and The Moredun Research Institute) and details of their research projects to these online workshops. In addition to hearing more about their scientific projects there will be time to pose your own Q&A to the expert panels of speakers.

The topics for each afternoon are as follows:

Tuesday 11th May – Poultry in biomedical research 

Tuesday 18th May – How to engage with laboratory swine and learn more about their emotional state / What does behaviour tell us about cattle welfare in biocontainment facilities?

Tuesday 25th May – Refining sheep models and learning more about influenza in pigs

Visit the LASA website to download the programme and register.