Animal Science and Technology (AST) Conference 2020

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Monday 23 March 2020 to Thursday 26 March 2020
Edinburgh, UK

AST 2020 will be a joint conference between LASA, LAVA and IAT. The NC3Rs will be sponsoring a session on Wednesday 25 March, 2-4pm:

New Technologies Which Advance Refinement and Science

Join us for this NC3Rs-sponsored session to hear about exciting new technologies that promote animal welfare and provide powerful tools to facilitate bioscience research. Invited speakers will showcase technologies developed to allow automated collection of big data, without requiring the continuous presence and engagement of researchers and animal care staff.

Handling, removal from the familiar home environment, and social isolation for scientific purposes can all adversely affect the welfare of laboratory animals, but also data quality and interpretation. New approaches avoid these issues whilst maximising data sets, leading to more powerful studies and novel scientific discoveries.

Our grant holders and staff will be available to discuss how you can introduce the new tools into your studies and facilities, collaborate and apply for funding.

Invited speakers:

  • Dr Sara Wells, MRC Harwell – on Home Cage Analyser, a sophisticated monitoring system that continuously records and analyses the behaviour of individual mice group-housed in their home cage.
  • Dr Liane Hobson, MRC Harwell – on AVERT, an automated tool to record and analyse mouse ultrasonic vocalisations in order to detect welfare issues.
  • Dr Lawrence Moon, King’s College London – on Moshers, a new method to accurately measure individual food intake and feeding behaviour in group-housed mice.
  • Dr Steve Kennerley, University College London – on Mymou a low-cost, home cage training system for non-human primates.

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