Are you PREPAREd? How to Design Animal Experiments

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Tuesday 19 March 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

The PREPARE guidelines offer a checklist for planning and conducting animal studies. Based on PREPARE, this course will give an overview of all topics you need to consider when planning your study. It will introduce you to a number of resources which will ease your way to the optimal study design. The course contains lectures, tips and resources on the following topics:

  • Literature searches: Form a clear hypothesis, consider the use of systematic reviews, decide upon databases and assess the reproducibility and translatability of the project.
  • Harm benefit analysis and severity classification: Justify any likely animal harm and define objective, easily measurable and unequivocal humane endpoints. Allocate a severity classification to the project.
  • Communication between scientists and the animal facility: Good and clear communication is likely to be essential for the outcome of your study – but who should you talk to and what needs to be agreed upon?
  • Experimental design: How to decide on methods for evaluating data – before you conduct the study.
  • Health monitoring and the impact of the microbiota and nutrition on animal studies: Consider whether these factors are likely to influence your study.
  • How to write a non-technical summary: Short and understandable for laymen.
  • Refinement of procedures: Resources on refinement of the care and use of laboratory animals.

For more information, see the course flyer. The deadline to register is 25 February.