BPS & LASA joint focused meeting: Exploring the status of animal models of psychiatric disorders - their validity and scope for successful translation

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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Registration is now open for the first joint virtual meeting from the British Pharmacological Society and the Laboratory Animal Science Association: Exploring the status of animal models of psychiatric disorders – their validity and scope for successful translation.

Evaluation and correct interpretation of changes in the behaviour of laboratory animals, following an experimental intervention, is essential for successful translation of novel candidates for treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. However, many procedures that have been used for decades as effective preclinical drug screens are often assumed, without scientific justification, to offer ‘models’ of human disorders. This meeting will discuss the extent to which this is a realistic assumption, incorporating evidence that the validity of these tests will depend on the scientific objectives and experimental context, including environmental factors.

The online event is an exciting one-day meeting comprising scientific talks and opportunities for interaction with colleagues. The talks and discussions will be of interest to anyone involved in behavioural laboratory animal science, whether from a clinical, preclinical, translational, welfare, academic, industrial, or even regulatory perspective. Registration from animal care staff is particularly encouraged as talks are intended to illustrate some common variables, including the experimental environment, housing and husbandry that are typically disregarded and yet can confound experimental findings when evaluating animal behaviour.

The deadline for early bird registration is Tuesday 22 December. To register and ask any questions about the meeting, please contact meetings@bps.ac.uk.

CPD points

CPD points from the Royal College of Physicians, Royal Society of Biology and the Laboratory Animal Science Association are available at this meeting. You will be emailed a certificate of attendance with CPD points after the meeting.