Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2020

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Tuesday 31 March 2020 to Friday 03 April 2020
Edinburgh, UK

The Microbiology Society will mark its 75th anniversary in 2020. To celebrate this milestone, the Society’s flagship Annual Conference will – for one time only – be extended to five days. This prestigious meeting will be held in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and will include an additional, high-profile "Fleming Showcase" (Monday 30 March). This will be followed by four days of scientific sessions. These sessions are designed to demonstrate the impact and potential of microbiology to address important global challenges.

On Wednesday 1 April, Professor Robin Williams (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Dr Rebecca Hall (University of Birmingham) will be running a session entitled Identifying novel eukaryotic drug targets and mechanisms of action, focusing on using microbial models to identify and characterise the function of drugs.

Current topics include:

  • Targeting histone modifying enzymes for drug development against malaria – Jamal Khalife (Institut Pasteur, France)
  • Yeast as a model to study the role of BRCA2 in cancer progression, drug resistance and treatment – Sergio Giannattasio (Institute of biomembrane and bioenergetic, Italy)
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) targets the glycine cleavage system to regulate the one carbon cycle as a therapeutic mechanism for epilepsy treatment – Robin SB Williams (Royal Holloway, UK)

Please visit the conference website for more information and to register.