NC3Rs and Mary Lyon Centre (MRC Harwell) joint webinar – Efficient management of genetically altered mouse colonies

  • NC3Rs
Monday 01 March 2021 14:30 to 15:15

The webinar recording is now available to watch online.

This joint webinar from the NC3Rs and the Mary Lyon Centre (MRC Harwell) will explore how to address common challenges in the management of genetically altered (GA) mouse colonies. The webinar will demonstrate how applying best practice can help you produce well-controlled and reproducible research and get the most out of the minimum number of animals.

Dr Sara Wells and Dr Michelle Stewart from the Mary Lyon Centre will introduce key themes from the NC3Rs’ Breeding and Colony Management resource, including strategies for obtaining and maintaining colonies and breeding GA strains for experiments.

Topics covered will include:

  • Genetic drift and how to avoid it in your colony
  • Why, when and how to archive your mouse strains
  • Breeding experimental cohorts from colonies that have been reduced in size
  • Efficient breeding strategies
  • Choosing control strains

The target audience will include anyone who manages mouse colonies, provides training in breeding and colony management, or scientists who use GA mice in their research.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the webinar presentation. The webinar is free to attend.

For specific queries related to the breeding and management of GA mouse colonies use our email advice service, details of which can be found on the Breeding and colony management FAQ page.

Speaker biographies

Dr Sara Wells is the Director of the Mary Lyon Centre, in her role she oversees and coordinates mouse genetics projects and animal welfare. Sara is driven by the continually changing field of genetics, its advancements and challenges. Sara is a member of various national groups and committees including the LASA council (Laboratory Animal Science Association) and the AWERBs for two other establishments (one academic, one pharmaceutical). Sara is keen to promote technological opportunities which promise to be able to reduce and refine the work undertaken in animal research.

Dr Michelle Stewart is the Scientific Manager of the Mary Lyon Centre, in addition to her operational role she looks after externally funded mouse projects – from designing experimental plans to working out breeding strategies and developing phenotyping platforms. Michelle is an active member of the local AWERB and also developed and teaches on the genetics technical training courses at the Advance Scientific Training Centre at MRC Harwell Institute.