Responsible Research 101 Course

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Monday 28 June 2021 to Thursday 08 July 2021

This course, provided by Responsible Research in Practice, will involve eight live sessions taking place Monday-Thursday, 10am-12:30noon:

Session 1: Introduction to 6 simple steps for responsible research. 
Session 2: Step 1 – What is the aim of your research?
Session 3: Step 2 – How to identify the best research model.
Session 4: Step 3 – Understanding your research framework.
Session 5: Step 4 – Common experimental design flaws and how to avoid them.
Session 6: Step 5 – What can you do to improve the research model, method and/or technique?
Session 7: Step 6 – What have you learnt and how can you improve? 
Session 8: Current best practice in research dissemination.

Registration fee: £360 (16 hours live online teaching time plus additional activities and 1:1 feedback/support)

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