Webinar: AcuiSee – Rodent Visual Acuity Using Behavioral Conditioning

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Wednesday 17 November 2021 15:00

On 17 November, join Dr. Jeff Jamison for a presentation on the connection between operant conditioning and studying vision in small animals, and how visual acuity tasks can form the basis for various research models, including toxicology and pharmacological testing. 

Dr. Jamison will also provide an introduction to The AcuiSee Vision Chamber, a dedicated operant chamber used to measure vision in rodents.  He will discuss the calibration studies done to demonstrate a range of visual functions, pharmacological intervention, and disease modeling, and share interesting research applications that highlight the potential of this technology.

Registration is now open – if you can't attend the live session, you can also sign up to access the recording, slides and supplementary resources after the webinar.