Expert opinion pieces on genetically altered mice


Over the last year we have been publishing a series of opinion pieces from Dr Sara Wells, Director of the Mary Lyon Centre, MRC Harwell Institute, focusing on the use and welfare of genetically altered (GA) mice. The pieces cover everything from background strain to neonatal welfare assessments and their implications for reducing and refining animal use, as well as for ensuring reproducible and robust research. The final article in the series ‘Letting the technical tail wag the scientific dog!’ is now available on our website.


These pages form part of a larger hub on the use of genetically altered mice.



F0-ols Rush In

Improving reproducibility and avoiding genetic mosaicism using the CRISPR/Cas9 technology.




Get my (genetic) drift

Managing genetic drift in GA breeding colonies.




It starts at the very beginning - the importance of neonate assessment

Challenging traditional dogma – the importance of assessing neonatal welfare.





Letting the technical tail wag the scientific dog!

Ensuring relevance and reproducibility in decision making on the generation of GA lines.




Watch your Back!

Understanding the importance of the background strain – top ten tips.