Further environmental enrichment resources

Protocols and data analysis

See the Protocols section for examples of published protocols.

A behavioural monitoring resource, produced for educators by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB), that includes examples of behaviour sampling methods and data analyses.

A 1-hour Listen Again video presentation covering the fundamentals of recording the behaviour of non-human primates in captivity, with advice applicable to all species.

A paper on how to improve the visualisation of data, with examples of different types of plots. This paper is aimed at researchers and therefore assumes prior knowledge on handling and presenting data. See Table 3 for free resources that can be used to create figures for small datasets.

A free, online course on data analysis, statistics and probability from the Khan Academy. Tutorials are also available via YouTube.


See the Monitoring behaviour using an ethogram page for example ethograms.

Online articles and frameworks

An article focusing on evaluating enrichment for zoo animals, which contains information that can also be applied to animals in a research setting.

A review article focusing on enrichment for captive animals, which includes sections on using enrichment to improve welfare in captivity and evaluating the success of enrichment. Note that this article was originally published in 1989 and therefore the referenced studies are dated. However, the general information within the article remains relevant.

The S.P.I.D.E.R. framework established by Disney's Animal Kingdom to develop, initiate and maintain enrichment and animal training programmes. The components are setting goals, planning, implementing, documenting, evaluating and readjusting.