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The NC3Rs and the 3Rs during COVID-19
Advice and resources for researchers and animal care staff.
Breeding and colony management
Guidance on re-establishing colonies following COVID-19 lockdown or any other interruption.
Non-human primate welfare
A resource hub focused on opportunities to refine the use of non-human primates.
Register for our upcoming webinars and watch recordings of past presentations on a wide range of 3Rs topics.
Embedding the 3Rs in your return to research plans
Key considerations and resources for researchers working with laboratory animals.
3Rs advice for project licence applicants
Guidance on addressing the 3Rs aspects of a Home Office project licence application.
Experimental design
Resources to help you improve the design and reporting of your in vivo research.
Toxicology and regulatory sciences resources
Read or subscribe to our e-newsletter Tox News and download our bibliography.
E-learning resources
Online modules funded by the NC3Rs, which are freely available for training and continuing professional development.
Animal technician hub
Resources to help laboratory animal technicians implement the 3Rs, including our quarterly Tech3Rs newsletter.
Videos: non-aversive mouse handling in practice
Hear from animal care staff championing non-aversive mouse handling in their facilities.
Rat tickling
Resources on this positive handling technique, provided by the Gaskill Lab at Purdue University.