NC3Rs e-newsletter - April 2017


Review of the NC3Rs PhD studentship scheme

We have published a comprehensive review of the 3Rs and scientific impacts from our PhD studentship scheme. The review includes a range of metrics and case studies highlighting the work of some of the students we fund.



ARRIVE guidelines now available in French

Our reporting guidelines are now available in eight languages, with the French translation being the latest addition.


Find all of our most recent posts, along with our back catalogue here.


How serious are we about asepsis for rodent surgery?

As part of our Year of Laboratory Rodent Welfare activities, internationally leading laboratory animal veterinarian Professor Paul Flecknell has written a blog on aseptic surgery in rodents.



CRACK IT is an open innovation platform from the NC3Rs to accelerate the development, application and commercialisation of technologies with 3Rs potential as they emerge from the research base.


£200,000 awarded in CRACK IT Single Phase Challenges

Two teams have been awarded funding to deliver the CRACK IT Single Phase Challenges EASE and Maximise.

EASE aims to eliminate surgical embryo transfer in mice through combining in vitro culture and non-surgical embryo transfer techniques, and Maximise aims to develop in silico approaches to predict acute oral, skin and eye irritation of agrochemical mixtures.



£100k awarded in new CRACK IT Solutions funding

Two projects have been awarded £50k each in the latest round of CRACK IT Solutions funding.

A team led by Professor Zhihong Huang at the University of Dundee, working alongside Thea Pharmaceuticals, will focus on the potential use of Optical Coherence Tomography imaging in corneal wound healing.

In a separate project, researchers from the Universities of Turin and Chester will collaborate on the potential of spinal cord slice-based preparations to be used as an alternative to in vivo testing for neuroinflammation and pain research.



CRACK IT Solutions: In vitro testing for subcutaneous formulations

If you are looking for innovative ways to analyse how a subcutaneous formulation performs after injection, Sirius Analytical would like to hear from you.

They have developed Sirius Scissor, the first analytical instrument that successfully mimics the human subcutaneous environment. This enables researchers to evaluate and understand how a subcutaneous formulation performs in terms of its stability, diffusion of ingredients and excipients from the injection site, and uptake by the blood and lymphatic streams, without using animals.

Sirius is seeking partners with access to compound and formulation information (including existing preclinical/clinical data) that can be used in the instrument’s further development and validation.



Join us for a Pint of Science in 2017

15 - 17 May 2017: ACROSS THE UK

Join us at the annual Pint of Science festival, where researchers that we fund will be presenting their 3Rs-related research in pubs across the UK.

This year we are sponsoring four events in London, Sheffield, Glasgow and Oxford. A limited number of tickets are still available, priced at £4.



Highlight notice

We currently have a highlight notice across all of our funding schemes, for applications involving the use of human tissue. For more information please visit the funding section on our website.



PhD studentship scheme: Call for outlines

We are inviting informal outlines for the 2017 call for PhD studentship proposals.

This year, up to three additional joint awards are available with the British Heart Foundation to fund research to achieve a 3Rs impact in the field of cardiovascular research. For further information on the joint call see the NC3Rs Chief Executive’s blog.

The deadline for the submission of outlines to the NC3Rs office is Friday 19 May 2017 at 4pm.



Public engagement awards 2017

Awards of up to £1,500 are available for NC3Rs-funded researchers (previous and current) to support activities which engage the public with 3Rs research.

Based on the success of the scheme to date we are inviting applications on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

The funding is available as an open rolling call, where the applications are reviewed quarterly by the NC3Rs Office. The next assessment meeting will take place in the first week of July.



Call for nominations: the IQ Consortium/AAALAC International 3Rs Awards

The Global 3Rs Awards programme run by the IQ Consortium and AAALAC is currently accepting nominations, which should be based on a primary research paper that advances any of the Rs, published in a peer-reviewed journal in the last three years.

The deadline to submit a nomination is Friday 23 June 2017 at 4pm EDT.