NC3Rs e-newsletter - April 2019

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A Pint of 3Rs Science


Pint of Science is back for 2019. This year we are sponsoring three events in pubs in Birmingham, Newcastle and London from 20 to 22 May, which will cover a variety of 3Rs topics from growing bone in the lab to assessing pain and distress in animals via their facial expressions.




Explore the evidence for refined mouse handling methods


We have produced a new table summarising the main points of eleven research papers that report the use of tunnel handling and cupping to pick up mice. This new, printable resource complements our existing hub of information on these refined handling methods and their effects on both animal welfare and scientific outcomes.




Behavioural assessment of wellness and pain in macaques


NC3Rs-funded research has identified behavioural indicators of wellness and pain for macaques, paving the way for more accurate assessment of their welfare. Researchers from the Universities of Stirling and Newcastle, funded by an NC3Rs Project Grant, observed 36 rhesus macaques undergoing surgical procedures, recording how their facial expressions and behaviour changed in response to procedures and pain relief.




Efficient transport box and chair training of rhesus macaques


A team based at the University of Oxford and KU Leuven has explored how refined training methods reduce the amount of time needed to acclimatise monkeys to transport devices. These training refinements could reduce the total time monkeys need to spend in an experimental setting or allow more time to be dedicated to data collection, benefiting science as well as animal welfare.




Submit your informal outline for our 2019 PhD Studentship scheme


Our 2019 PhD Studentship call is now open. There are up to 18 awards available, worth £30k (non-FEC) per annum for three years. This includes three awards co-funded by the British Heart Foundation for projects applying the 3Rs in cardiovascular research and three co-funded with Unilever for projects relevant to non-animal safety assessment.


Submit your outline to the NC3Rs office by 4pm on 1 May.




Save the date: NC3Rs/IAT Animal Technicians’ Symposium 2019


2 October 2019 (Central London)


In October we will be jointly hosting a symposium with the IAT, primarily aimed at junior animal technicians. Speakers from academia and industry will present the latest approaches to improving the welfare of laboratory animals. The programme will also feature opportunities to network, present a poster or deliver a presentation on a topic relevant to the 3Rs.


Attendance is free, but registration is essential. The deadline to register is 13 September.




3Rs speakers wanted for the 2019 LASA Annual Conference


The LASA 3Rs section conveners are inviting submissions for presentations on any aspect of the 3Rs for the 2019 LASA Annual Conference. Early career researchers are particularly encouraged to apply. Speakers will receive free registration, as well as travel expenses and overnight accommodation if required.


Please send submissions to Patricia Pimlott at by 31 July.




The AAALAC/IQ Consortium Global 3Rs Awards: call for nominations


The Global 3Rs Awards programme recognises significant 3Rs innovations by any researcher in academia or industry. Nominations should be based on a primary research paper published in a peer-reviewed journal in the last three years that advances any of the 3Rs.


The deadline to submit a nomination is 4pm (EDT) on 1 June.