NC3Rs e-newsletter - August 2017


Refined neural recording device


A paper describing a new ultra lightweight EEG recording device for use in unrestrained mice has been published. Funded by the NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenges programme and developed by engineers at Imperial College London in collaboration with Lilly’s UK research labs, the device offers significant welfare improvements. See the videos and read the paper.




IMPROVE-ing animal welfare in experimental stroke research


An expert group led by the NC3Rs has published guidelines for best practice in the care and use of rodent models of stroke. The guidelines set out 43 recommendations covering the procedures involved in ischaemia models, from basic requirements pre-surgery, selecting the most appropriate anaesthetic and analgesic regimen, as well as intra-operative and post-operative care.




Workshop summary: Playtime for rats at IAT Congress 2017


What do lab rats need? See our workshop report for ideas on creating complex environments and providing lab rats with opportunities to exercise.




International survey of approaches to monkey chair restraint


Results from a survey of researchers who use chair restraint for procedures with non-human primates show that there are significant opportunities for refinement. Published in Comparative Medicine, recommendations include greater information sharing between laboratories, use of standard operating procedures, and advice from specialist training consultants.




£2 million for CRACK IT Challenges in ophthalmic and osteoarthritis research and drug development


Two teams have been awarded Phase 2 funding of £1 million each to develop an in vitro human osteoarthritic joint, and a 3D retinal cell model respectively.




2017 CRACK IT Challenges launch event

7 September 2017: LONDON

The latest CRACK IT Challenges R&D competition will be launched next month. Register now to attend the launch event for an opportunity to hear about the three toxicology-focused Challenges, meet potential collaborators, and find out what makes a good application.




Primate welfare meeting

3 November 2017: LONDON

We have recently published the agenda for our annual Primate Welfare Meeting. The programme features presentations on a range of contemporary topics, flash poster presentations, along with a keynote lecture. Hurry to reserve your place




Joint BBSRC highlight notice: models of ageing

We are collaborating with the BBSRC to encourage the development of new and innovative models and approaches for ageing research, which reduce the current reliance on mammalian models, as well as address the gaps in terms of scientific utility and relevance to human ageing.

We are hosting a workshop in London on 1 September for potential applicants.

Deadline for expressions of interest is 31 October 2017.




Training Fellowships open for applications

Are you an early career researcher interested in the 3Rs? Our Training Fellowship scheme is now open for applications from promising researchers with less than three years’ post-doctoral experience who want to develop new skills and gain research experience relevant to the 3Rs.

Application deadline, via Je-S is 12 September 2017.