NC3Rs e-newsletter - December 2014


Project Grant applications open

Our 2015 Project Grant scheme is now open for applications. Project grants support the development of new 3Rs approaches and technologies. Awards are for up to 36 months with the amount requested dependent on the science.



Studying asthma in slime moulds and other organisms without lungs

We have awarded almost £400,000 across four research projects working to better understand the basic biology of human asthma – without the use of traditional mammalian models.



Funding boost for post-graduate training

We have invested £900,000 to support studentship projects at eight UK institutions. Each of the projects will investigate ways to either replace the use of animals in research, reduce the number of animals used or improve laboratory animal welfare.



Research funders support responsible animal use

The EPSRC and AMRC charities are the latest research funders to adopt the guidance 'Responsibility in the Use of Animals in Bioscience Research' and to join our peer review service. We're keen to hear from other grant awarding bodies interested to sign up to the guidance; please contact .



Understanding Target-to-Function Biology in Preclinical Oncology Research

5 February 2015 – LONDON
Join our oncology-themed workshop for presentations, networking and interactive debate on:

  • Improving predictive ability in preclinical cancer research
  • Application of new and emerging technologies
  • Infrastructure and pre-competitive collaboration

Registration deadline: 18 December 2014.



In search of acceptable alternatives to the murine HIST: What is possible and practical?

4-5 March 2015 – LONDON
Join our workshop to discuss and evaluate alternative in vitro methods to the murine histamine sensitization test (HIST) for monitoring of residual pertussis toxin activity in acellular pertussis vaccines.

Registration deadline: 6 February 2015.

Read our recent blog: 'Progress and challenges in the replacement of the Histamine Sensitisation Test (HIST)'



Reducing pre-clinical blood volumes for toxicokinetics: toxicologists, pathologists and bioanalysts unite

In collaboration with key industry leaders, Kathryn Chapman, from the NC3Rs, discusses how the uptake of microsampling will impact on the number of rodents used in regulatory toxicology. Read their commentary piece in Bioanalysis journal


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The eTOX consortium and the 3Rs

We spoke to Professor Michel Goldman, Executive Director of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), about the eTOX project, which has the potential to reduce the number of animal tests needed in drug development.



The science of cosmetic testing without the use of animals

Martina Klaric, Project Manager at Cosmetics Europe, tells the NC3Rs how the industry is moving forwards following the changes to EU cosmetic testing regulations.