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February 2020

Apply now for the 2019 International 3Rs Prize

Apply now for the 2019 International 3Rs Prize

Have you published a piece of outstanding research with 3Rs impacts in the last three years? Wherever you are in the world, you can apply for our 2019 3Rs Prize, sponsored by GSK and worth a total of £30k.

Submit your application by 4pm (GMT) on Friday 6 March.


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Join the NC3Rs team

We’re currently recruiting for the following roles within the NC3Rs:

  • Science Manager – Animal Welfare (deadline: Tuesday 25 February)
  • Programme Manager – Experimental design and reporting of in vitro research (deadline: Wednesday 18 March)

Candidates for both roles must have a PhD in a biological science and a demonstrable commitment to the 3Rs.


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Read the latest issue of Tech3Rs

The latest issue of our quarterly Tech3Rs newsletter is now available online, highlighting the latest resources, research and events for animal technicians. In this issue we focus on mice and rats, including new evidence supporting refined mouse handling and 3Rs champions refining mouse and rat care in their facilities.


If you’re based at a UK facility, don’t forget to sign up for your free hard copies of Tech3Rs.

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New article types on the NC3Rs gateway

It’s time to empty your file drawers, tidy up your hard drives and clean up your act when it comes to your data! We have recently added four new article types to our Gateway, which will enable NC3Rs researchers to share small pieces of work and register their experimental plans before they start collecting data. Visit our new hub to learn more about how publishing on the gateway can help you increase the impact of your work.

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Last chance to sponsor a 2020 CRACK IT Challenge

We are seeking organisations to sponsor CRACK IT Challenges for the 2020 competition. As a Sponsor, you will identify a scientific Challenge that could deliver commercial and 3Rs benefits if solved and provide funding or in-kind contributions to support its solution. In return, you will receive early access to the innovative 3Rs technologies that emerge from your Challenge.


The deadline for to submit your Challenge is Monday 2 March.


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AST 2020 session: “New Technologies Which Advance Refinement and Science”

Wednesday 25 March, 2-4pm (Edinburgh, UK)


AST 2020 is a joint conference between the UK laboratory animal professional bodies LASA, LAVA and IAT, taking place from Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 March. We are sponsoring a session on technologies that can facilitate research and improve welfare. Come along to learn about new tools that can analyse mouse ultrasonic vocalisations, train non-human primates in their home cage, and monitor individual behaviour or food intake in group-housed mice.


To register for AST 2020, visit


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Liverpool 3Rs Symposium

Thursday 27 February (Liverpool, UK)


If you work or study at the University of Liverpool and have an interest in the 3Rs, our upcoming symposium will give you the chance to hear 3Rs talks, network and find out how the NC3Rs can support you. Topics will include the results of our mouse aggression survey, new models developed by NC3Rs grant holders and refinements implemented by technicians at Liverpool.

The deadline to register is Friday 21 February.


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Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2020

Tuesday 31 March to Friday 3 April (Edinburgh, UK)


The Microbiology Society will mark its 75th anniversary in 2020. To celebrate this milestone, the Society’s flagship Annual Conference will – for one time only – be extended to five days. On Wednesday 1 April, former NC3Rs grant holder Professor Robin Williams (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Dr Rebecca Hall (University of Birmingham) will be running a session entitled Identifying novel eukaryotic drug targets and mechanisms of action, focusing on using microbial models to identify and characterise the function of drugs.


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