NC3Rs e-newsletter - July 2015


Updated web resource on microsampling

Our microsampling web pages provide a range of useful tools for researchers wishing to implement microsampling in their studies, including example study designs, videos and protocols highlighting microsampling techniques, and a decision tree to assist users in determining what type of sampling is appropriate for a particular study.

To go alongside this resource, we also have a new LinkedIn group for microsampling users.



Board member vacancies
Deadline: 31 July 2015, 4pm

Reminder: we are inviting applications from talented senior scientists to join the NC3Rs Board from January 2016. The person specification and application form can be found on our Board member vacancies webpage.



Join the NAT SIG

Our Non-Animal Technologies Special Interest Group community forum and news repository connects the research and business communities to commercialise novel technologies to reduce reliance on animal models. Developed by the NC3Rs in partnership with Innovate UK, sign up to the group to receive the latest updates.


2015 CRACK IT Challenges announced

The 2015 CRACK IT Challenges competition consists of two Challenges identified jointly by the NC3Rs and Sponsors:

  • Challenge 20: Metaboderm: Development of a new tool to predict metabolism in human skin.
  • Challenge 21: InMutaGene: Development of a technology to address the risks of insertional mutagenesis/oncogenesis and to improve the efficiency of translational research in gene therapy.

This year the competition is funded by the NC3Rs and supported by Innovate UK, Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) with in-kind contribution from the Sponsors. Full details of the Challenges and Sponsors will be released on 3 August 2015 on the CRACK IT and SBRI websites.


2015 CRACK IT Challenges launch
10 September 2015: LONDON

We are hosting a meeting to launch the 2015 CRACK IT Challenge competition and to provide invaluable access to potential new partners and to the Challenge Sponsors. Attendance is free but registration is essential. Register for the launch event via the CRACK IT website from 3 August 2015.


NC3Rs Summer School 2015

The third annual NC3Rs Summer School brought together first year NC3Rs PhD students from top institutions across the country to engage with the 3Rs, improve their transferable skills, and network with their fellow students. Over the course of three days, students were asked to present their research, and to work together to present solutions to two real world 3Rs problems.


In vivo bioimaging with tissue-specific transcription factor activated luciferase reporters

Tristan McKay was awarded an NC3Rs strategic award in 2014 to develop novel imaging approaches with 3Rs impacts. His group have recently published a paper on their Somatotransgenic Bioimaging approach to generate tissue-specific luciferase reporter mice to study transcription factor activity in living animals. This obviates the need to generate complex inducible transgenic models involving substantial animal use in breeding, back-crossing and maintenance.

Applying the ARRIVE guidelines to an in vivo database

A paper describing the benefits and challenges of applying the ARRIVE guidelines for the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC), whose goal is to produce and phenotype 20,000 knockout mouse strains in a reproducible manner across ten research centres.