NC3Rs e-newsletter - November 2015


Launch of the Experimental Design Assistant

We have launched our new online tool – the Experimental Design Assistant (EDA) – to help improve the design of in vivo experiments. The EDA consists of a website plus innovative technical software that provides tailored advice on specific experimental designs as well as tools for randomisation and blinding and for power calculations for determining group sizes.




Publication of Non-Animal Technologies roadmap

The NC3Rs in partnership with five other organisations – Innovate UK, the BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, and Dstl – has published a roadmap on developing and applying non-animal technologies (NATs) to improve the methods and tools available for the safety and efficacy testing of pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, chemicals, agrichemicals and consumer products.




Announcement of new Board members

We are pleased to announce the appointment of five new Board members with expertise in mathematical modelling, stem cell biology, regulatory toxicology, immunology and animal welfare.




Announcement of 3Rs global award winners

The IQ Consortium and AAALAC International run a Global 3Rs Awards Program which recognises published research which makes a significant contribution to the 3Rs.


Three awards were made this year for studies reporting: an evaluation of the efficacy of buprenorphine analgesia in mice undergoing laparotomy; development of 3D liver-tumor hybrid organoids for modelling tumour growth and drug response in vitro; and an alternative ex vivo method for testing procoagulant snake venom toxins, reducing the need for mice lethality assays.



Solution - PerfusionPal 3D platform for biopharmaceutical testing

Lena Biosciences is seeking partners through our CRACK IT Solutions programme to assist with the validation, manufacture and commercialisation of their novel 3D perfused cell culture system.


The platform, which combines a micro-organ scaffold, synthetic vasculature, high-density oxygen carrying liquid and a patent-pending perfusion method, is suitable for long-term in vitro testing of slow-clearing biologicals and antibody-drug-conjugates as well as small molecule drugs.




Deadline for 2015 3Rs Prize nears

There are only two days left to apply for our 2015 international 3Rs Prize. The deadline for applications is 4pm (GMT), 19 November 2015.


The Prize is awarded to highlight an outstanding original contribution to scientific and technological advances in the 3Rs in medical, biological or veterinary sciences published within the last three years.


The winner will receive a grant of £18k, plus a personal award of £2k.




Infrastructure for Impact funding scheme

We are seeking applications for the next round of the Infrastructure for Impact funding scheme. The scheme supports infrastructure, networks, data sharing and other resources which help to underpin 3Rs research.


Applications from any area of medical, biological or veterinary research are eligible and multidisciplinary, cross-institutional or cross-departmental applications are particularly encouraged.


The deadline for informal outlines is 6 January 2016.




Strategic award - Refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience studies with macaques

We are looking for research proposals for our latest strategic award scheme. The focus is on the refinement of chronic implant designs used in neuroscience studies with awake, behaving macaques.


The deadline for informal outlines is 7 December 2015.



Bioprinting for more predictive efficacy and safety testing

Tuesday 15 December 2015 : LONDON
The NC3Rs, Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network are jointly hosting a workshop to advance the development and application of bioprinting approaches for improved efficacy and safety testing of drugs and other chemicals, with reduced reliance on the use of animals.


Attendance is free but advanced registration is essential. Registration closes on 9 December 2015.



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Adverse Outcome Pathways: An industry perspective on the 3Rs opportunities

Following the launch of a new AOP resource page, our regular periodical ‘Adverse Outcome Pathway (AOP) News’ has been launched for scientists across academia and industry, as well as risk assessors and regulators who are interested in the application of pathways-based approaches.


This blog is featured in AOP News, and is written by Carl Westmoreland (pictured) of Unilever on the use of the AOP framework in the industry.




Looking back at the 3Rs Prize: an interview with last year’s winner, Dr Oliver Britton

In 2014, Dr Oliver Britton became the first PhD student to win the 3Rs Prize.


In this blog he offers advice to prospective applicants, talks about recent work and how winning the Prize has helped his career.