NC3Rs e-newsletter - September 2015


3Rs Prize launched for 2015

The 2015 NC3Rs Prize is now open for applications. The international award highlights an outstanding original contribution to scientific and technological advances in the 3Rs in medical, biological or veterinary sciences published within the last three years. The prize holder will receive a grant of £18k and a personal award of £2k.

Applications close at 4pm, 19 November 2015



NC3Rs launches Grimace scale posters

Research has demonstrated that changes in facial expression can provide a means of assessing pain in mice and rats. We have produced A3-sized posters of the Mouse Grimace Scale and Rat Grimace Scale, to help raise awareness about these tools and their potential for improving animal welfare. Free copies are available to order, for display in animal facilities.



Funding panel vacancies

We have a number of vacancies available on our Funding Panels including our Grant, PhD Studentship and David Sainsbury Fellowship Assessment Panels from January 2016.

Applications close at 4pm, 9th November 2015.



Using the 3Rs in the animal research debate

A guest editorial by NC3Rs Chief Executive Vicky Robinson in Lab Animal Europe's September journal highlights how the 3Rs are used by opponents and proponents of animal research, focusing on the European Stop Vivisection Citizens Initiative.



2015 CRACK IT Challenges competition launched

The 2015 CRACK IT Challenges are now open for applications. The two Challenges, Metaboderm and InMutaGene offer a research contract of up to £0.8 and £0.7 million funding respectively and up to three years to complete the Challenge deliverables.

Full details of the Challenges can be viewed on the CRACK IT website.



Solution: Continuous Glucose Telemetry to Enhance Research and Improve Animal Welfare

Data Sciences International is seeking partners to adopt their implantable telemetry device capable of providing continuous, real-time measurements of blood glucose, temperature, and activity in rats to facilitate research to demonstrate the scientific and animal welfare benefits of the technology.



Solution: Affimers - animal free alternatives to antibodies

Avacta Life Sciences are seeking partners to help in the validation and development of Affimers. These animal-free alternatives to antibodies can be developed in less than seven weeks against almost any target, and can be used in almost any application where animal-derived antibodies are currently employed including ELISA, immunofluorescence, FACS, Biosensing and Super Resolution Microscopy.


Bioprinting for more predictive efficacy and safety testing – as simple as Ctrl:P?

Tuesday 15 December 2015 : LONDON

The NC3Rs, Innovate UK and the Knowledge Transfer Network are jointly hosting a workshop to advance the development and application of bioprinting approaches for improved efficacy and safety testing of drugs and other chemicals.

Delegates are encouraged to submit poster abstracts on a topic relevant to the theme of the meeting. Submissions close 09 November 2015 and selected abstracts will be chosen for oral presentation by 13 November 2015

Attendance is free but advanced registration is essential. Registration closes on 8 December 2015.


New project grants funded by the NC3Rs

We have recently funded six new projects for a total of £1.65 million, as part of our 2015 project grant competition. In this blog, we explore each of the projects in more detail.



PWC top tips

Our Procedures with Care web-resource features HD video tutorials which offer step-by-step guidance on performing research procedures on animals, with emphasis on minimising any distress caused.



Dish and chips: new alternatives to animal testing

Our recent trip to Bradford for the 2015 British Science Festival was both intriguing and educational, with a range of talks from NC3Rs-funded scientists on alternatives to animal testing. Subjects included how social amoeba can help understand epilepsy and a closer look at a new 3D scaffold to model a breast in culture.