NC3Rs e-newsletter - September 2017


3Rs prize sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline


Have you read a paper that highlights an outstanding original contribution to advances in the 3Rs, published in the last three years? Consider nominating it for our international 3Rs prize, which is now open for applications.


Consisting of a £28k prize grant and £2k personal award, nominations must be submitted by 4pm (GMT) on Monday 4 December 2017.




Mouse aggression study


Calling all technicians working with mice: we need YOU. Our latest data crowdsourcing project involves the collection of data on the prevalence of aggression in group-housed male mice as a basis for better understanding and minimising the triggers for such interactions.




The Rodent Big Brother project: we CRACKed IT


A new paper published in PLOS ONE describes an automated home cage monitoring system for rats developed through the NC3Rs CRACK IT Challenges competition. The system allows the behaviour of individual rats to be monitored and analysed whilst animals are socially housed in their home cages.




Funding panel vacancies


We are currently inviting applications from scientists with relevant experience and expertise (full list on our website) to become members of our Grant and Studentship Assessment Panels from January 2018. Applications are sought from senior scientists, based in leading research organisations.


The deadline for applications is 4pm on 9 November 2017




2017 CRACK IT Challenges Competition now open


This year there is £2.7 million available across three new toxicology-focused Challenges: DARTpaths, DoCE and RespiraTox. SME and academic consortia are encouraged to apply.


The deadline for applications for all Challenges is in November 2017.




New Solution: Improving animal welfare using the Animal Welfare Assessment Grid


Are you a researcher, veterinarian, technician or regulator responsible for assessing animal welfare at any stage of the research process? If so, Public Health England are looking for users to trial their new Animal Welfare Assessment Grid (AWAG) system, and provide advice and feedback to support the development of the system.




Joint BBSRC highlight notice: models of ageing


In collaboration with the BBSRC, our latest highlight notice aims to encourage the development of new models and approaches for ageing research, which reduce the current reliance on mammalian models, as well as address the gaps in terms of scientific utility and relevance to human ageing.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by 4pm 31 October 2017.



2017 Summer School: Nottingham


Our fifth annual Summer School brought together students from all over the UK to learn about the 3Rs, and attend sessions aimed at providing transferable skills for their PhDs and beyond.