£2.3M awarded for 3Rs research

The NC3Rs has awarded nine new project and pilot grants under its 3Rs Reasearch Funding Scheme.

This year, over £2.3M has been invested in projects ranging from the replacement of animal models for tumour biology to pain assessment using facial expressions in mice, rats, rabbits and macaques. Further details of the awards are available in the NC3Rs Research Portfolio.

The NC3Rs is the largest funder of 3Rs research in the UK, supporting research across a range of disciplines. To date it has awarded grants totalling over £20 million.

Information on grants awarded:

  • Dr Roland Ashford, Veterinary Laboratories Agency (£38,244). Pilot study: the use of gene expression profiles to predict protective immunity without the need for disease challenge  
  • Professor Stuart Baker, Newcastle University (£71,994). Wireless high-bandwidth trans-cutaneous signal transmission 
  • Dr Bertrand Collet, Marine Scotland Science (£435,700). Development of a non lethal sampling method to monitor immune response and disease progression in salmonid fish 
  • Professor John Greenman, University of Hull (£450,852). Replacement of animal models for tumour biology with a multifunctional microfluidic-based approach 
  • Dr Eric Hill, Aston University (£73,520). Pilot study investigating the use human stem cell derived neurons in toxicity testing  
  • Dr Andrew Jackson, Newcastle University (£73,516). Pilot study: A fully-automated system for positive reinforcement training of group-housed non-human primates  
  • Dr Gisli Jenkins, University of Nottingham (£443,900). Refining models of fibrotic lung disease
  • Dr Matt Leach, Newcastle University (£247,800). The assessment of pain using facial expressions in laboratory mice, rats, rabbits and macaques
  • Dr Ezio Rosato, University of Leicester (£470,368). An advanced model for neurodegeneration studies in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster 

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