Common Marmoset Care website launches

A new interactive website which provides information on how best to care for common marmosets in captivity is now live. Co-funded by the NC3Rs and the Primate Society of Great Britain, 'Common Marmoset Care' has been produced by the University of Stirling, and is an interactive site which provides information on how best to care for common marmosets in captivity.

The key audiences for this particular site are researchers, private owners, zoo and laboratory professionals. The video, audio and other resources compiled by Dr Claire Watson and Professor Hannah Buchanan-Smith cover all aspects of caring for common marmosets in captivity, from understanding their behaviour to providing practical examples of environmental enrichment. The site is an invaluable resource for any individual or group responsible for the welfare of these animals in captivity.

This site is the second microsite that the NC3Rs has co-funded; the first being the Procedures With Care site, on administering substances to laboratory animals, developed with Newcastle University and the Institute of Animal Technology.

Projects such as these aim to make the most of the specialist expertise and knowledge of institutions that use animals in research to further the 3Rs. By providing funding we are able to make valuable information publicly accessible.

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