Launch of the David Sainsbury Fellowship Scheme

The NC3Rs has today announced the launch of its new flagship fellowship scheme to support exceptional early career scientists in the discovery of new ways of replacing, reducing and refining the use of animals in scientific research (the 3Rs)

The scheme has been named the David Sainsbury Fellowship in recognition of the role of the former Science Minister in the establishment of the NC3Rs.

Lord Sainsbury of Turville said: "I am very pleased to support this exciting initiative. It will help nurture the UK's best new talent in the important challenge of finding ways to minimise animal use. This is a significant challenge and to make real progress we must engage scientists at all stages of their careers and particularly the research leaders of the future."

Dr Vicky Robinson, chief executive of the NC3Rs said: "We are honoured by the support of Lord Sainsbury who has played such a central role in the success of the NC3Rs. This will give enormous prestige to the scheme and help us attract the UK's rising stars."

Professor Maggie Dallman, Principal of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College London and chair of the David Sainsbury Fellowship Panel said: "This is an excellent opportunity for junior scientists to get their own funding for their research and I have no doubt that competition for David Sainsbury Fellowships will be tough."

The NC3Rs will award five David Sainsbury fellowships per annum, each totalling almost £200k. For further information please visit the NC3Rs website or contact the NC3Rs Office on 0207 611 2233. 

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