NC3Rs leading the Coalition Government's pledge to work to reduce animal use

Responding to the statement made in Parliament by Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone MP, the Chief Executive of the NC3Rs, Dr Vicky Robinson, said: "We welcome the announcement by the Government that the NC3Rs will lead the work to deliver its pledge to reduce animal use.

Many areas of research are dependent on animal use. The statistics published by the Government on 13 July show the number of animals used in the UK continues to rise. As an organisation, the NC3Rs has no regulatory or licensing powers. Reducing the numbers in the future will therefore depend on the combined actions of the NC3Rs, the regulatory authorities, individual researchers and their institutions, and the organisations which fund them.

The NC3Rs has an excellent track record in discovering new ways to reduce the number of animals used across the bioscience sector in universities and industry. Importantly, our work has shown that efforts to reduce animal use can also go hand in hand with better science and technology, providing researchers with new approaches to investigate human disease and ensure that medicines and chemicals are safe."


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