Studentships awarded to attract top graduates to the 3Rs

The NC3Rs has awarded its first PhD studentships to five leading UK research groups.

The scheme was introduced to fulfil a need to embed the 3Rs in the training of early career scientists from a broad range of research backgrounds.

The successful applications have been selected to attract and inspire the UK's top graduates, and provide excellent scientific training as well as a solid introduction to the 3Rs. Advertising for suitable candidates will begin in early 2010 with start dates of October 2010.

Information on the 20089 Studentships awarded:

  • Professor Hannah Buchanan-Smith, University of Stirling. Refinement of rearing practises in marmosets
  • Professor Jane Hurst, University of Liverpool. Taming anxiety and variation in laboratory mice
  • Dr Gareth Jenkins, Swansea University. The validation of defined genotoxic thresholds, leading to better in vitro risk assessments of carcinogenic potential
  • Dr Donna MacCallum, University of Aberdeen. An in vitro model system to assay kidney-pathogen interactions determining outcome of Candida albicans infection
  • Dr Matthew Wright, Newcastle University. Applying the 3Rs to liver fibrosis research

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