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Single use of needles: how AWERBs can support refinements in practice

Dr Sally Robinson (AstraZeneca) explores the role ethical review bodies can play in ensuring refinements such as single use of needles are put into practice.

What’s in a legacy? Part 1 – Small acts to make a big impact

Discover how Dr Alasdair Nisbet planned his 3Rs legacy and how it has furthered his research. 


What could an NC3Rs Training Fellowship do for you?

Dr Deepali Pal shares her experiences as an NC3Rs Training Fellow and how the scheme helped her secure an independent position.

A change in (cell) culture: exploring alternatives to fetal calf serum

Dr Jan van der Valk explores why fetal calf serum-free media are important and how the FCS-Free Database can support scientists.

E-learning and the 3Rs

How e-learning can complement more traditional approaches when training those working with laboratory animals.

Using an award scheme to promote 3Rs innovation

How AstraZeneca’s 3Rs award scheme supports communication and innovation in the 3Rs across its global sites.

Making refinements a reality – why we can be proud

Technician Joanne King shares refinements made recently within the University of Dundee's Medical School Resources Unit.

Changing mouse handling practice at a university establishment

Lesley Gilmour, the University of Glasgow's NTCO, shares her experience of implementing refined mouse handling across the institution.

Help us discover more about the secret lives of mice

Our new citizen science project gives anyone the chance to get involved in improving laboratory mouse welfare – project volunteer Emma Robinson explains how.

Single use of needles: putting refinement into practice

In this guest blog post, Dr Sally Robinson explores how AstraZeneca has implemented the single use of needles as a refinement across their sites.

How to decide your sample size when the power calculation is not straightforward

Dr Simon Bate, from Statistical Sciences, GSK, covers a few nagging questions about statistics and the 3Rs that he regularly encounters.