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How to decide your sample size when the power calculation is not straightforward

Dr Simon Bate, from Statistical Sciences, GSK, covers a few nagging questions about statistics and the 3Rs that he regularly encounters.

Organs-on-Chips Technology: fostering scientific curiosity to accelerate drug discovery

A new strategic partnership between AstraZeneca and Emulate aims to embed the 3Rs in AstraZeneca's drug discovery programmes through the use of organ-on-a-chip technology.


Worm hunting in Colombia: fighting whipworm infection in the lab and the classroom

David Sainsbury Fellow Dr Maria Duque-Correa tells us how the Worm Hunters project is addressing whipworm infection in Colombia through public engagement and 3Rs research.

Re-use of needles: is this an indicator of a culture of care?

Guest blog from Dr Lucy Whitfield, Royal Veterinary College, and Dr Sally Robinson, AstraZeneca, covering the topic of re-using hypodermic needles in day-to-day practice.

Data, data, data: Applying Maths to 3Rs problems - a case study

In the final blog of the series, Dr Manasi Nandi from King’s College London talks about her project where mathematical modelling can help advance the 3Rs by improved analysis of cardiovascular data.

When the 3Rs and transgenic technologies meet

Dr Peter Hohenstein from The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh and International Society for Transgenic Technologies, shares his impressions from the 14th Transgenic Technology Meeting.

Applying for early career awards

Deepali Pal, one of our Training Fellows, tells us about her experience of applying for a Fellowship with the NC3Rs and gives advice for prospective applicants. 

Data, data, data: How improving in vivo data management is good for the 3Rs

AstraZeneca’s PreDICT project on improving data management from in vivo experiments.

Data, data, data: The importance of measurement and the 3Rs

The first in a series of guest blogs looking at different aspects of data management and its importance for the 3Rs.  

STEM for Britain: researchers visit the Parliament

NC3Rs-funded PhD student Neal Rimmer shares his experience of participating in STEM for Britain, a competition for early career researchers to present their work in the House of Commons.

How serious are we about asepsis for rodent surgery?

A blog from Professor Paul Flecknell from Newcastle University, discussing aseptic surgery.