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Boost to funding for 3Rs research

The Science Minister, David Willetts MP, has announced £3 million of new funding for the NC3Rs.

Reducing the use of recovery animals in pharmaceutical development

The NC3Rs and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have announced a new joint initiative designed to reduce the use of an

Framework launched for evaluating progress in the 3Rs

The NC3Rs has published a new evaluation framework for assessing its performance and impact - the first ever eval

Exceptional researchers awarded David Sainsbury Fellowships for alternatives in animal research

Four early career scientists have each received awards of almost £200k over three years to undertake research which will reduce the use of animals

Open letter from the UK funding bodies

UK funding bodies have written to Universities to improve the design and reporting of animal research.

3Rs science has moved from margin to mainstream – NC3Rs reports increased commitment and enthusiasm

UK commitment to discovering laboratory methods that reduce the reliance on animal use and improve animal welfare (known as the 3Rs) is stronger th

CRACK IT award to develop tiny wireless recorders

Over the next three years, experts in low power electronics for monitoring human patients are going to use their skills to benefit the mice used in

£900,000 awarded to develop tests for cancer-causing chemicals using fewer animals

Testing chemicals used in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and consumer products industries for their potential to cause cancer (carcinogenicity t

Fifteen awards have been made under the 2011 PhD studentship scheme

Fifteen PhD studentships have been awarded to leading research groups for projects covering all of the 3Rs.