Announcing our new Skills and Knowledge Transfer grants
Four projects receive funding for the adoption of 3Rs approaches.
Our PhD Studentship Review
A new review from the NC3Rs, focusing on the scientific and 3Rs impacts of our PhD studentship scheme to date.
Public engagement awards scheme: open rolling call
Grant holders can apply for an award of up to £1,500 to engage the public in 3Rs research.
Rodent welfare hub
Resources and outputs from our programmes related to laboratory rodent welfare.
Refined test guideline approved by OECD
New method reduces animal numbers and does not use death as an endpoint
Eleven ways your funding application could be failing
Our new blog looks at common mistakes that applicants make in their research proposals.
3Rs prize awarded to paper investigating the welfare of laboratory rats
Research evidencing the importance of natural rat behaviours to animal welfare wins our international competition.
Announcing the NC3Rs year of laboratory rodent welfare
In 2017 we will run a number of initiatives focusing on the welfare of laboratory rodents.
Coming soon: Laboratory mouse aggression survey
Crowdsourcing data project for technicians to identify patterns and triggers of aggression
Research shows mouse handling methods substantially impact study results
NC3Rs-funded research evidences how non-aversive tunnel handling can improve mouse performance in behavioural tests.
Choosing contractors for animal research
Advice on animal welfare standards for researchers applying for grants.
Our strategy for improving the welfare of research animals
Our strategy is published in a special issue of Lab Animal focusing on reproducibility.

The NC3Rs

If you are a scientist, animal technician, veterinarian, regulator, funder or policy maker, the NC3Rs can help you to:

  • Drive scientific and technological developments that replace, reduce or refine the use of animals in research (the 3Rs)
  • Ensure your animal experiments are as robust and reproducible as possible
  • Provide the best welfare for laboratory animals


Science-led and evidence-based, we fund research and early careers, foster collaborations between universities and industry to develop and commercialise 3Rs technologies, and provide information on the latest advances to put the 3Rs into practice.

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Latest news

A new automated system for refined training of macaques in neuroscience research

A new automated system for positive reinforcement training of macaque monkeys has been developed for use in breeding and research facilities. 

Reducing the use of male Xenopus frogs

Researchers at University of Portsmouth have optimised a robust sperm preservation method that will reduce the number of frogs used in research.

Maximising the success of bile duct cannulation studies

New recommendations for refining the surgical preparation of rats for bile duct cannulation studies.

A new test guideline for refined acute inhalation studies

The OECD has recently approved a refined test guideline for acute inhalation studies.

The NC3Rs PhD Studentship Review

We have recently published a review focusing on our PhD studentships.

Coming up: NC3Rs events at Pint of Science 2017

The Pint of Science festival is returning to pubs around the country on 15 - 17 May.

Results of mouse studies affected by the way the animals are handled

A new study shows that how mice are picked can substantially change their behaviour in cognitive tests.

Latest blogs

Funding for PhD studentships in cardiovascular research

This year we have funding for three PhD studentships as part of our collaboration with the British Heart Foundation.

How serious are we about asepsis for rodent surgery?

A blog from Professor Paul Flecknell from Newcastle University, discussing aseptic surgery.

Eleven ways your funding application could be failing

Tips from the NC3Rs funding team on avoiding common pitfalls when writing a grant application.  

Announcing the NC3Rs year of laboratory rodent welfare

We are launching a number of exciting initiatives in 2017 focusing on the welfare of rats and mice.

Celebrating 12 years of working in toxicology and regulatory sciences

An overview of our programme of work, and collaborations, with the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.

Launch of new NC3Rs-ABPI collaboration

New initiative to review the use of the second species in regulatory studies.