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Wednesday 19 July 2017
New report on the potential to replace animal studies with bioprinted organs and tissues
Tuesday 18 July 2017
Presentations, posters and workshops from the NC3Rs team at the World Congress on Alternatives in Seattle. If you're attending the conference in August, come and see us.
Monday 17 July 2017
The latest project grant funding from the NC3Rs includes two awards focusing on applying the 3Rs to poultry research. The first award to Dr Andrew Broadbent at the Pirbright Institute aims to establish a chicken primary B cell culture model to study the pathogenesis of immunosuppressive B cell-tropic viruses...
Thursday 15 June 2017
Our strategy sets out our plans for the next three years (2017 - 2019) with initiatives to drive forward the 3Rs.
Monday 12 June 2017
Scientists at Newcastle University have explored the use of social stimuli as a potential alternative to fluid restriction.
Wednesday 24 May 2017
New robust and inexpensive system allows unsupervised and voluntary training of macaques while they are housed in social groups.
Monday 22 May 2017
Researchers at University of Portsmouth have optimised a robust sperm preservation method that will reduce the number of frogs used in research. The work, recently published in Theriogenology, comes from Portsmouth’s European Xenopus Resource Centre (EXRC), which is supported by an NC3Rs infrastructure grant.
Friday 19 May 2017
Four projects receive funding for the adoption of 3Rs approaches.
Monday 15 May 2017
New recommendations for refining the surgical preparation of rats for bile duct cannulation studies.
Wednesday 03 May 2017
The OECD has recently approved a refined test guideline for acute inhalation studies.

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