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New Solution: BrainBits® Providing primary rat and mouse tissues and cells

29 November 2017

Traditionally, researchers have two options for procuring tissue/cells from rats and mice:

1. Researchers can order animals from breeders and maintain colonies at their own facilities.  This is expensive, time consuming, and results in a large amount of wasted tissue as most  animals are used to source a single tissue type.

2. Researchers can order commercially available cryopreserved cells. These cells lack traceability and are an inferior product to fresh tissues because they are exposed to harsh freeze/thaw cycles resulting in reduced cell viability.

BrainBits® provide an alternative option of micro-surgically dissected tissues from rats and mice (wild type and transgenic models) to researchers around the world so that individual researchers/ institutions don’t have to source or maintain live animals for this purpose. Tissues are delivered suspended in proprietary media, that ensures limited adverse cell stress and negligible losses in cell viability, and are available for use immediately without any further preparation.

Conservative estimates suggest BrainBits® is able to offer a greater than 50% reduction in the number of rats / mice needed to deliver primary cells globally by better coordinating dissections. This reduction is through:

  • Efficient use of animals: BrainBits® enables multiple researchers to efficiently share tissue from the same animal. On average more than 10 pieces of tissue from each animal is provided to multiple clients.
  • Reducing over ordering: BrainBits® provides tissue to many labs and can rely much more on the average yield of pups to decide how many animals to order. This avoids issues of uncertain litter sizes, failed pregnancies, or pups being reabsorbed which mean researchers often order more animals than they might need.

BrainBits® is seeking industrial and academic collaborators that require a reliable source of primary rat and mouse tissue and cells for research. They are keen to explore novel applications of cells and tissues to help develop new or existing technology platforms, drugs, therapies, or screening tools / protocols. BrainBits® will work directly with researchers to refine techniques, formulate unique medias, and create specific protocols for isolation and use of new tissue and cell types to meet their research needs.

Visit the CRACK IT Solutions website to find out more and to contact the Solution provider.