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CRACK IT Challenges

A challenge-led competition that funds collaborations between industry, academics and SMEs to solve business and scientific Challenges which will deliver 3Rs benefits, either by improving business processes or developing a commercial product. Depending on the Challenge, contracts of up to £1 million for up to three years are available.

Who is involved?

The Sponsors - define the Challenges, with a view to using the product developed, working with the NC3Rs to set out the business case and 3Rs benefits. Sponsors are required to provide in-kind contributions and/or funding to help solve the Challenges.

The Innovators - EU-based SMEs and academics secure funding and a research contract through a competitive process to develop tools, technologies or approaches to solve the Challenges. In most cases, multi-disciplinary teams are required.

The Funders - the NC3Rs funds the majority of the competitions, with support for specific Challenges from the public and charitable sectors. Sponsors are encouraged to provide co-funding alongside their in-kind support.