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Technology Partn3Ring

The Technology Partn3Ring webinar series showcases technologies with 3Rs potential to the wider scientific community to identify new partners for further development, validation and use. Webinars consist of short pitches outlining the 3Rs technologies and unique opportunities for collaboration. 

The next Technology Partn3Ring webinar will be cardiovascular themed and will be held later in 2024.

Do you have a cardiovascular model or technology with 3Rs potential and are looking to identify new collaborators to further develop, validate or use it? 
We are launching our first themed Technology Partn3Ring webinar centered around cardiovascular technologies with 3Rs potential to coincide with the launch of our Cardiovascular Network. If you have a technology in this area then please fill out our form or email us at to contact us directly. 


Register to attend our next webinar

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The information requested will be used for the purpose of alerting interested parties to the NC3Rs Technology Partn3Ring webinar series. The NC3Rs will unsubscribe subscribers upon request. All personal information will be deleted at the end of the webinar series or 12 months after last contact. No information will be shared with any external parties. Further details on how the NC3Rs uses and processes personal information can found via the UKRI privacy notice.

Present a collaboration opportunity

You may be eligible to present at a future Technology Partn3Ring webinar if you meet the following criteria: 

  • The technology, tool or service must have clear 3Rs benefits and should be at a prototype stage or beyond. 
  • Speakers must be aiming to identify potential collaborators to support specific development or validation requirements.

If you are interested in presenting please complete the brief Technology Partn3Ring presentation form to summarise the need for collaboration, focusing on a short description of the technology including its potential applications and 3Rs impacts and the type of expertise that is sought. Send the completed form to and we will be in touch to discuss presentation opportunities.

Complete the Technology Partn3Ring presentation form

Showcased technologies

November's webinar showcased: 

  • An in silico platform allowing users to conduct virtual drug and medical device trials (InSilicoTrials)
  • Simply Predict - in silico methods to support environmental & human toxicology and risk assessment (CEHTRA)
  • A microphysiological system of muscle and nerve connectivity to investigate neuromuscular diseases and assess potential therapeutics (QMUL)
  • A handheld device to easily measure 3D objects for use in pre-clinical cancer research (Verinnogen

Presentations from developers seeking collaborators: 


ImmuONE: An in vitro platform to assess deep lung toxicity

ImmuONE provide a range of in vitro models focused on inhalation safety assessment and are aiming to expand and test their systems for translational and toxicity needs. Find about more about the technology on their website


ConsoneAI: predicting toxicological outcomes for chemical structures

ConsoneAI are seeking collaborators from cardiovascular and oncology therapeutic areas to validate their in silico prediction platform and can be contacted through their website


InoCardia: In vivo Human As The Tox Species - Towards A Predictive In Silico Model Of Human Cardiovascular Tox For Early Drug Discovery

Inocardia have developed an in silico cardiovascular model to predict toxicity in drug discovery and are looking to collaborate with researchers from industry or academia to for the predictive power of the platform. 



Pebble Biotechnology: Next-generation LIVING-ORGAN systems to accelerate and de-risk pre-clinical research

Pebble provide ex vivo living organ and tissue perfusion systems with real-time monitoring and are open to partnerships with any organisation to accelerate pre-clinical testing of new therapies. 



Working with the National Centre for Universities and Business we have been using its konfer platform for technology partnering to accelerate the commercial readiness of technologies with 3Rs potential by providing a route for academics and SMEs to showcase their models and tools to the wider scientific community to identify new partners and customers for further development, validation and use.

  • To discuss a technology showcased on the platform use the konfer connect function. This will send an automated contact request to the technology developer.

This platform replaces the CRACK IT Solutions technology partnering hub previously provided by the NC3Rs.

Current opportunities

Below you can find details of ongoing calls for collaboration, which are also available to view via the konfer website.