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Key resources and documents

Guidance documents

Mega-Challenge Guide for Participants 

The mega-Challenge guidance document should be used for the SensOoChip Challenge. 

Two Phase Challenge Guide for Participants

The Two Phase guidance document should be used for the CrossDART Challenge. 

Single Phase Challenge Guide for Participants 

The Single Phase guidance document should be used to support the development of applications to the aTRACKtive Challenge. 


Application forms

Single Phase Challenges: application form 

The Single Phase Challenge application form for should be used to apply to the aTRACKtive Challenge. 


Business Growth Scheme

For applications to the Business Growth Scheme or Phase 3 of a mega-Challenge, please contact

Business Growth Scheme Guide for Participants 

Challenge briefs

For each Challenge a brief, including key objectives and deliverables, is published on each Challenge page


Contractor agreements

For questions related to Sponsor or Partner agreements, please contact

Single Phase Contractor Agreement (2023) 

Phase 1 Contractor Agreement (2023) 

Phase 2 Contractor Agreement (2023)