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2012 CRACK IT Challenge competition

12 September 2012

Register with the SBRI/TSB by 16 November to apply for 2012 CRACK IT Challenges . This year the competition consists of four Challenges and one mini Challenge.

2012 Challenges:

Rodent Little Brother: Measurement of mouse activity, behaviour and interaction in the home cage (sponsored by MRC Harwell)

ProBE IT: Determining the in vivo biodistribution properties of biological entities through the use of advanced imaging techniques (sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline)

DRGNET: Enabling access to primary human dorsal root ganglion neurones for drug target identification and pharmacological testing (sponsored by Pfizer Neusentis and Grunenthal)

PreDART: Prediction of human developmental and reproductive toxicity through non-mammalian assays (sponsored by Syngenta and Shell)

RETINAS (Mini Challenge): Refinement of techniques for intravitreal injection to avoid side effects in rabbits (sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline)

The launch meeting programme included:

  • Challenge-specific surgeries where participants met with the Sponsors and discussed the Challenges in detail;
  • Networking sessions around Challenge Zones providing an opportunity to identify new collaborators to help solve the Challenges;
  • A case study of the CRACK IT Challenges experience presented by a sponsor and winner of one of the 2011 CRACK IT Challenges

For those unable to attend the meeting, FAQ's from each of the Challenge surgeries will be available on the site from Monday 17th September.