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NC3Rs | 20 Years: Pioneering Better Science

Cardiovascular Network

The NC3Rs funds research in cardiovascular systems biology, cardiovascular disease, assessment of cardiotoxicity and the refinement of cardiovascular research procedures. Models in our cardiovascular portfolio include microphysiological systems, stem cell models, computational tools and imaging techniques. The Cardiovascular Network aims to bring researchers from academia and industry together to promote dialogue and information exchange, support the formation of new collaborations and share technologies to maximise the scientific and 3Rs impacts of cardiovascular models. 

We encourage researchers from academia and industry to join the Network. Researchers from all career stages are welcome and you do not need to have received NC3Rs funding to join. 

If you have any questions about the Cardiovascular Network or would like to discuss using models developed with NC3Rs funding in your cardiovascular research please contact Dr Rachel Eyre (

Member benefits

Through the Cardiovascular Network we will host activities specifically designed to encourage collaborations and transfer of models between researchers in academia and industry. Joining the Network will enable you to:

  • Receive email updates highlighting new models for use in cardiovascular research.
  • Attend Network meetings where we will bring cardiovascular researchers from industry and academia together to share models and stimulate collaborations.
  • Provide feedback on how the NC3Rs can help best support the cardiovascular research community.

Learn more about cardiovascular projects funded by the NC3Rs, find funding opportunities and view NC3Rs resources useful for cardiovascular researchers developing 3Rs models.

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The Cardiovascular Network is managed by Dr Rachel Eyre. Contact Rachel with any queries about the Network or to discuss using NC3Rs models in your research.

Portrait of Dr Rachel Eyre
Cardiovascular Network

Attend the Cardiovascular Network launch event

Join us at the launch event, 18 April 2024, to become a member of the Network and learn about collaborative opportunities in cardiovascular research.

Sign up here
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Please read our network membership policy for more information about the Cardiovascular Network remit. If you are unable to attend the launch event you can sign up to become a Cardiovascular Network member