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CRACK IT Advisory Panel

Role of the Panel

The CRACK IT Advisory Panel (CAP) advises the NC3Rs on the CRACK IT Programme. The remit of the Panel includes:

  • Annual assessment of the proposals for new Challenges that are submitted by industry scientists looking to Sponsor a Challenge.
  • Provision of advice and feedback to Challenge contractors where needed, particularly after completion of the Challenge when they may be exploring further development, new application areas and commericialisation. 
  • Assessment of applications to the Business Growth Scheme that aims to support completed Challenge contractors in their steps towards commercialisation. 

CRACK IT Advisory Panel members are appointed for three and a half years, with the possibility of a further one or two years' extension.

We receive new Challenge submissions from a wide range of disciplines. Additional members may be co-opted to the Panel, for one year, if additional expertise is required.

New Challenge submission assessment procedure

Challenge Assessment generally consists of a two-stage process:

  • The Advisory Panel assesses new Challenge submissions using the assessment criteria to evaluate the scientific quality, 3Rs impact and commercial potential of the submissions.
  • New Challenge submissions are then assessed by independent scientific experts who consider the viability, scientific quality and likely 3Rs impact of the proposal.

Declaration of interests

Advisory Panel members are required to declare any private, professional or commercial interests that might, or that might be perceived to, conflict with the NC3Rs interests as detailed in the declaration of interests policy.

CRACK IT Advisory Panel membership

MemberInstitutionTerm ends
Professor Mike Capaldi (Chair) Newcastle University2025
Dr Martin Bayliss GlaxoSmithKline2025
Dr Zahid LatifShionogi Europe2025
Dr Fiona MarstonLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine2025
Mr Chris ThompsonViadynamics Ltd2025
Dr Beverley VaughanArise Innovations2025
Dr Lee BenistonUKRI2026