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2019 CRACK IT Review showcases our open innovation programme

12 September 2019

We have published a review of our CRACK IT programme. In it, we reflect on the first eight years of CRACK IT and how it has achieved business, scientific and 3Rs impacts through open innovation and collaboration.

Launched in 2011, CRACK IT supports 3Rs-focused R&D by enabling and funding partnerships between industry, academia and SMEs. Through the programme, we have facilitated collaborations that have resulted in prototypes, products and services with demonstrable 3Rs impacts.

CRACK IT has two parts: CRACK IT Challenges, a competition that funds collaborations to solve scientific and business challenges with a potential 3Rs impact; and CRACK IT Solutions, a technology partnering hub designed to accelerate the translation of 3Rs technologies. The Review features case studies from both Challenges and Solutions in the 2019 Review – together, they demonstrate how effective CRACK IT is at testing the 3Rs benefits of emerging technologies in real-world settings.

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The case studies featured in the Review are:

CRACK IT Challenges:

  • Cognition: Wireless EEG recording in mice
    Professor Esther Rodriguez-Villegas, Imperial College London
    Sponsored by Eli Lilly
  • Rodent Big and Little Brother: Home cage monitoring of rats and mice
    Professor Douglas Armstrong, Actual Analytics
    Sponsored by AstraZeneca (RBB) and MRC Harwell (RLB)
  • NephroTube: Kidney toxicity screening in vitro
    Dr Martjin Wilmer, Radboud University Medical Centre, The Netherlands
    Sponsored by GSK, Pfizer and Roche
  • Virtual Infectious Disease Research: The Leishmania Virtual Laboratory
    Professor Paul Kaye, University of York
    Sponsored by the NC3Rs
  • EASE: Eliminating surgical embryo transfer in mice
    Dr Virginia Pensabene, University of Leeds
    Sponsored by MRC Harwell
  • PREDART: Non-mammalian testing for developmental and reproductive toxicology
    Professor Raymond Pieters, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands
    Sponsored by Shell and Syngenta

CRACK IT Solutions:

Read or download the CRACK IT Review 2019 (PDF), or discover more about each of the case studies by clicking the links above which will take you to the project pages on our new CRACK IT Innovation Platform website.

You can also read our Research Review 2019 (PDF), published earlier this year, which showcases the work of researchers funded through our response mode funding schemes.